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Sharpeo is not only a company, but above all it is a group of ambitious people, open to challenges of the developing world. We create effective software tailored to customers needs and provide companies with access to IT specialists and know-how. Additionally, we organize a series of events dedicated for programmers, IT recruiters, students or people who are willing to develop their soft skills.

Cezary Woszczyk 

CEO & Founder

Paulina Woszczyk

Recruitment Business Partner


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The areas of operation


While agility and scalability are the most important factors, duration of tasks execution is a key. The dynamism and tailoring to our partners’ demands is our distinguishing feature.  We know that today’s courageous and innovative organizations are the leaders of tomorrow.

Human Resource

“The constantly growing demand for exceptional staff imposes a high standard for companies and HR departments that need to effectively manage employees’ competences and talents. In making decisions it is necessary to use appropriate IT processes and tools. Using the experience and past data, you can optimize and increase the efficiency of the following processes:

  • Recruitment
  • Management of employees’ competences
  • Evaluation Systems
  • Project management
Finance & Insurance

While implementing solutions in areas of finance and insurance, we use our extensive experience and knowledge gained during many years of continuous cooperation with banks and international financial institutions. We pay special attention to business needs and our main ambition is to provide the best possible solutions that bring safe, long-term profits. We are fully aware that our success’ measure is the success of our implementations.That is why we put every effort to ensure that all goals are achieved in 100%.


Sharpeo’s portfolio includes cooperations with the largest global partners. Cost optimization through automation is one of the best ways to increase profits in logistics companies. We are glad that due to our solutions, we can provide short and long-term savings.

Digital Marketing & Sales

Sharpeo helps to carry out marketing activities that go hand in hand with the latest technologies. Thanks to the integration of tools and the application of a holistic approach, it is possible to precisely target the message and reach the key decision-makers.

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Cezary Woszczyk (CEO of Sharpeo) manages a channel on Youtube, where he invites interesting guests from the world of business, science and social media. Michał Żebrowski (actor and entrepreneur), Grażyna Piotrowska-Oliwa (president of Virgin Mobile) and youtuber Astrofaza have already been included to his guests list by now. What’s more we eagerly use and believe in great communication opportunities of such platforms as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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